• Haught


    A former slave, dancer and concubine,Haught has struggled to find his place in the world since being freed by Ischade.
  • Moiria


    Since the fall of the hawk-masks, Moria has been used, exploited and abandoned, and she's more than a little sick of it.
  • Mor-Am


    Mor-Am was never reliable, but now his condition and desperation make him even less so. Serving anyone who can keep him supplied with numbing drugs or anything else to alleviate his agony, he's developing a reputation for being treachorous and unpredictab
  • Mradhon Vis

    Mradhon Vis

    Mradhon Vis is many things: he's a killer, a mercenary and a spy. When he arrived in the city, he made the mistake of saving Ischade from a would-be rapist and ever since, he's lived a life on the precpice of disaster.