Mradhon Vis

Mradhon Vis is many things: he's a killer, a mercenary and a spy. When he arrived in the city, he made the mistake of saving Ischade from a would-be rapist and ever since, he's lived a life on the precpice of disaster.


Male Mygdonian mercenary fighter 3 / assasin 4/spy 2
Medium humanoid
Initiative 8, senses -listen +9, spot +9
Languages – Ilsig, Nisi, Rankan, Sanctan
AC 20, touch 14, flat footed 16
HP 53 [MDT 18]
Fort +12 [
14 poison], Ref 13, Will +6 / 19-20
Speed 30
Melee +1 longsword +12/
7 [1d8+4 /19-20] or mwk kukri 11/6 [1d6+3 / 18-20]
Ranged 1 composite longbow 12/7 [1d8+3 / x3] or 1 composite longbow +10/5 [1d8+3 / x3] with rapid shot
Base attack +7, grapple +10

Full stats on request


At heart, Mradhon is a mercenary. He goes where the coin is. He’s learned his lesson about letting his morals guide him. Given that he regularly sells informaton he picks up about the city,he’s bound to know something about what’s going on in Santuary, making him the ideal person to contact when the party are stumped.

Mradhon Vis

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