Black Snake Dawn

[From the module synopsis]
‘It is a bleak time for Sanctuary.Prince Kadakithis slips deeper into the arms of his beloved Shupansea. Undead walk the Shambles. Death squads drag innocents from their homes, murdering and maiming on the orders of death’s Queen. Assasins of the 3rd Commando rally to fight Roxanne’s forces, while the PFLS wage their terrorist war to oust the hated Beysib.On behalf of the impotent prince, a few disgraced Hell-Hounds and Walegrin’s men fight a losing battle, while Straton and his remaining Stepsons work to establish their own place in the city, dancing on the strings pulled by the Necromant. And crime lords, kingpins and the rest of the city’s scum scurry out of the Maze and Downwind like roaches, to take whatever advantage they can.’

Welcome to Hell


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